The Henderson Family Farm
(aka Lewis Hen House & Veggie Farm)
Thanks for Stopping By
We are a Certified Naturally Grown Farm
in Casa Grande, Arizona
The Henderson Family Farm is your basic hobby farm.  
We bring as much produce as we can each week ..
But - Our regulars know for best selection & availability
you must come early .. when it's gone, it's gone.
truly appreciate everyone's business and
ask for your patience if there's a line ..
Our customers are the best in the World
We currently sell only at the
Roadrunner Park Farmers Market
35th Street & Cactus
Saturdays - 7:30 till our produce is gone
We never use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides ...
Our chickens are
never given hormones or antibiotics ...
We use horse & chicken manure, mulch, gypsum and natural fertilizers like
fish emulsion ...
Our veggies are hand-picked & washed
Tuesday thru Friday .. "stored cold" to
ensure they're the freshest, best tasting possible at the market ...
We've been told that our eggs are the best at the market -
we gather every day, the eggs are then washed and stored
at 40'F - they're good for 5 weeks
We grow only seasonal fruits & vegetables & once in awhile, we get things
from other farmers like apples or oranges ...
For a complete list of items we grow and sell,
please visit our products pages 1 (winter) & 2 (summer)
Last, but not least, are our prices ...
We make every effort to keep our prices as close as possible to
those in a conventional supermarket.  Occasionally, a price
maybe slightly higher, but then another will be lower ...
We are not in the gouging business .. We are consumers too and
like everyone else we have to budget ourselves, but we have
extra farm expenses we must pay ...
We thank you for your understanding