Like most people, we don't really talk much about ourselves ...
                            So if you'll bear with us, we'll do our best.

Fely, my wife, is from Carles in the Philippines.  She and I married in 1992 in the
Philippines and she then immigrated to the United States shortly thereafter.  She
comes from a farming family of 9 brothers & sisters.  Whew..  I am very proud of my
wife, Fely, because not only can  she speak a number of dialects from her own native
language but she can speak English and Spanish as well.  She also became a
U.S. Citizen in 2000.

Our son, Lewis, was born in '93 just before Christmas and both he and my
wife came home on Christmas Eve.  What a present for me....Ironically, it
was exactly 1 year to the day when Fely arrived in the United States that
our son was born...Guess what one of our numbers in the lottery is...Lewis
is now 15 and is a sophomore in high school at Casa Verde High School in Casa Grande.

My name is Doug and I came to Arizona, after my military service, in 1979.   I am
originally from Michigan and there's lot's of farming back there and in Ohio where I
spent a great deal of time since my father's side was from there.  I spent a lot of
time in little towns like Millersburg and Wooster.  

                                                        Our Farm
We actually started our farming business by accident.  After retiring from Motorola,
our plans were abruptly changed after a bout with cancer.   We moved to Casa Grande
in 2001 with plans to have a less stressful life.  So, like so many others, we started a
garden and got a few chickens so that we could have fresh veggies and eggs.  The
next thing we knew, the garden grew and we had too many eggs for us, so we started
selling at a market in Casa Grande.   We now have 100+ chickens and are farming most
of our property.   And, like so many other things in life, our farm is a work in progress
and we'll probably never really finish it.  But, that's okay.

Since we eat everything from our garden ourselves, we decided right from the start
that we wouldn't put any poison in or on our veggies or eggs.   We're very proud that
we've always been "
Pesticide Free ", farm fresh, and healthy.   But, as our business
grew, we decided to become "certified organic" through the National Organic Program
and we did just that on Feb 12, 2008.   We use an authorized inspector from CCOF
and we are listed in their directory of organic farms (

Well that's pretty our story.  It's not very exciting I know, but we are now
cancer free, healthy, and happy to be able to bring good, organic produce to our really
great customers at all of our markets.