Henderson Family Farm
An Organic Alternative
A frequent question at the markets now days is just what does
"Certified Organic"  really mean...

Certified organic means growing things the old fashioned way
without the use of synthetic materials or pesticides.

Certification for us means:
annual submission of an organic system plan and inspection of farm fields and processing facilities.  
Inspectors verify that organic practices such as long-term soil management, buffering between organic
farms and neighboring conventional farms, and that record keeping is being followed.

Organic farms are not allowed to use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds, or irradiation
and produce is checked, by a lab, for the presence of any pesticides ...

To find out more about the national organic certification requirements and organic program, please go to
the USDA National Organic Program website
USDA Organics.

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Lewis' Hen House & Veggie Farm
was "Certified Organic" on
February 12, 2008 by CCOF,  an accreditation
organization for organic farmers certified by
the USDA.

Latest Inspection:  April 29th, 2013